When you want a rather fast haircut, a clipper cut will help you keep the time in the barber’s chair short. Electric clippers are a great way to cut a lot of hair in a short period of time, and special guides help to blend the hair, too.

It Can Be Done Quickly

Depending on the hair style you want, using clippers is the method that most barbers use, unless you ask for something different. This enables them to cut hair quickly, and many styles can be achieved using clippers alone.

Clipper Guides

When cutting hair really short in a clipper cut, such as around the neck line and ears, the barber uses the clippers without any attachments. This enables the barber to remove hair almost completely, giving you a close edge.

Clippers come with several guides that are designed to fit them. Each guide is for a specified length of hair and automatically keeps the cutting edge of the clippers at a certain distance from your scalp. This ensures that the hair that they are cutting is just the right length. Of course, this makes it easier for the barber, too.


Because the guides are set for specific lengths of hair, it is necessary for the barber to blend the edges together. This takes more skill, but gives you a great looking cut when completed.

The Top

If you like your hair to be longer on top, the barber will use a combination of the clippers and a comb. A section of hair will be lifted by the comb, and then cut off to the desired length. This will be repeated several times until all the hair on top of your head is cut to the right length and able to give you the look you want.

Cutting It Short

The guides are preset to be able to cut hair according to a certain length. The lower the number, the shorter the cut. If you want a buzz cut, for instance, the barber would likely use a number 1 or 2, which would cut your hair to a length of 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch. If you want it shorter than that, you will want to get your head shaved.

A Combination Cut

If you want a special look, the barber may recommend that you get a combination cut. He may start with a set of clippers, but may need to finish it with a razor or scissors. This will enable him to create that special look that probably cannot be achieved with clippers.

A razor or scissors will be used if you want a more natural look. A razor will likely be used to give your hair a more blended appearance, which is great if you want a more wild look. Scissors enable more styling.

There are many different styles for men today. If you see a style you like in a magazine, then cut it out and bring it with you to the barber shop. This will help to ensure you get just the clipper cut you want at Manny’s Barber Shop and will let you walk out with your great desired cut.