Among the many services you can find in New York City, getting a regular haircut is still one of them. Manny’s Barber Shop provides all the services you need to keep looking sharp. We go to extra lengths to provide you with the men’s barbershop services you need. We offer traditional services including razor or clipper haircuts, shaving with a straight razor, beard trimming, eyebrow trimming, and more.

Enjoy the Man’s Atmosphere

In most of today’s places where you can get a haircut, the idea of having the place look manly just is not there. They are often feminine or unisex, but at Manny’s, you can expect to find a place that looks and smells like an old time man’s barbershop, and you will feel welcome.

While getting your haircut or beard trimmed, you can chat with the barber – just like in the old days. It used to be that a man knew his voice could be heard at the barber shop, and the barber would also gladly add to the conversation – or delight you with stories, informative views, and news.

We Do It Right

When you want to look your best, we take the time to ensure that you get the quality haircut or trim you want with great looking results. We offer razor cuts, scissors cuts, or clipper cuts, and hot shaves. We are not in a rush to provide the service you want, but we can move quickly and still make you look fresh and sharp if you are in a hurry.

Many modern barber shops and hair styling salons do not even offer these services anymore. They are in a production mode to get you in and out as fast as possible, to treat as many customers as possible. We have brought back the old style where you are not rushed, and we want to give you the sharper results that others will notice.

Beard Care

When your beard is looking a little scraggly, we can trim it so that it will look clean and neat, making you look well-groomed. We will also shave your neck area under your beard to shape it for a great look.

Specialty Hair Products

We also offer a lot of choices in men’s hair products. You will be able to find just the product you need to give you the control you expect and the smell you want.

Open Late

In the Big Apple, we know it is not always convenient to get off work early to get a haircut. We want to help you look your best and not need to miss work hours to do it. In order to help you, we are open from 10:00 am seven days a week and then close at 8:00 pm on Monday through Saturday, and we close at 7:00 pm on Sunday.

Manny’s Barber Shop is located in East Village in New York City. Our prices are affordable and our barbers know how to make you look good. We invite you to make an appointment by calling us at (347) 397-1146, or just drop in when you are in the area.