Manny’s Barber Shop in Manhattan still does haircuts the old fashioned way, along with our other services. As an alternative to the fast service offered elsewhere, we believe in taking our time to do it right – and we believe you want it that way too. We provide a wide range of services that will remind you of the friendly barber giving customers the old-fashioned time and care needed to do it right.

Scissors Cut

If you are in a hurry, a clipper cut for your hair may be just what you need – especially if you like your hair extra short. But when you need a little more attention given to your personal style and preferences, you will want the special care that comes with a scissors cut. This type of haircut enables the barber to provide your hair with some special attention, giving you just the shape you want.

If you are looking for a haircut that will make you look a little different than the average, a scissors cut can enable the barber to style it just right for you. Of course, you will need to be able to tell him exactly what you want, or at least show him a picture. He can give you multiple styles with a scissors cut that is sure to please.

Razor Cut

A razor cut is another popular way of getting a haircut. Our barbers find that many of our customers prefer this method because it provides a more natural and wild look, instead of one that looks like you were just at the barbers. You can also get a razor fade haircut, which gives you a number of more choices.

Hot Shave

One of the best ways to get a really close shave is to get a hot shave at Manny’s. This is a luxury shave that you will not likely be able to get on your own. When using this method, the barber will place a hot towel on your face to open the pores and soften the hair so it cuts easily. While your face is heating up and absorbing the moisture, you can relax in the barber’s chair for a few minutes. After it is removed, a hot shaving cream is applied, and the barber uses a straight razor to give you one of the best shaves you ever had.

Clipper Cut

Many different styles can be done with clippers. Whether you want a close cut for short hair, or a longer style. It creates a sharp and blunt finish. The guards on the clippers enable barbers to keep your hair at just the right length, and cut off the rest. When combined with a comb, a lot of different styles can be created.

Manny’s Barber Shop is easily accessible and offers a full range of services. When you want an opportunity to get a great old-fashioned haircut or shave and to chat with other men, this is the place. We invite you to come by and see why men still prefer the barber shop rather than the hair stylists salon.