When you want a treat to a special shave, you want to get a hot shave from Manny’s Barber shop in Manhattan. This old-fashioned kind of shave will quickly show you why it is once again getting in demand, and men all over are rediscovering this fresh experience.

The Hot Towel

After you are comfortably seated in the barber chair, the barber will start by pulling out a hot towel and place it on your face. This towel is moist and hot, but not hot enough to burn you. It will be wrapped around your face, leaving your nose open so that you have no problem breathing.

The hot towel will open up the pores on your face and also soften the hair. This allows the hair on your beard to be cut easily and deeper, giving you a closer and cleaner shave.

Time to Relax

As you sit there, waiting for the barber to remove the towel, you can just relax. Let your mind forget about the daily business and enjoy the experience. Most likely, it has been a while since you just put the world out of your mind. The barber might even need to wake you, it can be so relaxing.

Leaving the towel on your face ensures that your hair absorbs more moisture, and it also makes your skin smoother. After you have been there a little while, the towel will be removed and a skin conditioner will be put on your beard. Once that is done, then it is time for another hot towel.

The Hot Lather

The next step in your special hot shave is the application of a hot lather. The lather is heated to further help to moisten the hair on your beard, and it will also help you relax. The barber will apply it with a small brush to ensure that every hair is covered.

The Razor

A straight razor will then be applied to remove your beard. Because of the preparation of your skin and beard, the razor will glide over your face and easily cut your hair. This will give you a very close shave – possibly the closest shave you have ever had.

The Lotion

After the shave is finished and the shaving cream wiped off your face, a cold towel will be applied. This will help to close up the pores. Afterward, a man’s lotion of your choice will be applied to ensure you smell really good and fresh.

The Time

Since relaxing is part of this old-fashioned shave, you can expect to need a little extra time for it. This kind of shave is not one that is done in just a few minutes. Once it is finished, you will appreciate why the extra time is necessary.

The barbers at Manny’s know that life is busy and sometimes crazy. Getting a hot shave from us lets you relax and get away from it all for a little while – and come away with a really great shave. Of course, you might want to get a haircut, too, while you are in the shop.