The scissor cut is a popular method used by the barber to give you just the right look you want. Scissors are highly versatile and can be used different ways to create the style you need with whatever hair length you have. Although they can also be used with clippers, and often are, it is the barber’s expertise that creates the look.


Scissors give barbers more options as to the overall style they can create. Clippers are limited because they usually will follow the shape of your head. The difference in hair length is largely created by the size of the guide that is used, which limits the ability of a barber to style the hair.

With scissors, there are two basic options – a blunt cut or a point cut. Although the instrument is the same, the results certainly are not.

Blunt Cut

The scissor cut hair style can make a blunt cut much easier than the point cut. In a blunt cut, the hair can be tapered to any length on the sides, but scissors will be used to cut the hair to the same length on top. This allows the hair to be combed at the part, or it may also be cut short enough to create a flat top look.

The blunt cut is often preferred by men who want to keep their hair in place, and carefully combed. With the right styling gel or hair spray, the hair will continue to look sharp through the day.

Point Cut

Scissors can also be used to create the point cut style of haircut. In order to create this unique look, the scissors are held at an angle and used to cut into the hair – instead of straight across. This creates hair of different lengths across the top of the head, like a saw-tooth, and it may also be applied to the sides.

This style gives the hair a more natural look, as opposed to looking like you were just at the barbershop. It is for men or boys who really do not want to use a comb on their hair, letting it look disheveled, fly-away, or even spiky.

Thinning Scissors

Another type of use of scissors is to thin the hair. If you have extra thick hair and would like to make it more manageable, the barber can take thinning scissors. These scissors are notched, which means that they will only cut some of the hair each time they are closed. This lets only part of your hair get cut, which creates a less bulky and more manageable look.

This method is also used to cut the hair under your top layer of hair. It lets you keep a similar length of hair, but it removes much of the bulk of it.

The scissor cut enables barbers to give you most any style you want. Of course, if this style cannot deliver what you are looking for, our barbers at Manny’s can also give you a clipper cut, or razor cut to do the job.