A razor cut can give your hair a different look from that of clippers or scissors. It may not be as fast, but the results are clearly noticeable, letting you look sharper and clean cut.

Advantages of Razor Cut Over Scissors

When a barber performs a scissors cut, you will notice that the hair ends meet at the same length, giving your hair a blunter and even end. Cutting your hair with a razor differs in that it gives your hair a thinner edge that is sharper and more distinct. It tapers off the hair differently than scissors, leaving you with hair that looks more feathered than blunt ends.

Another advantage of the razor cut is that it gives you a more disheveled look. It enables your hair to look more natural and full, and allows it to move more freely. This is because there is no distinct layering.

Another benefit of the razor haircut is that it does not require the maintenance that other haircuts need. It does not need to be combed, so you do not need to look in a mirror often. It certainly is care-free.

Long Cuts

For those men who like longer hair, this type of haircut can make you look good, too. It can remove some of the volume and weight of your hair, enabling it to be more manageable.

Popular Cuts

A razor haircut can be used to obtain many styles. It can give you a layered look with your hair getting longer toward the front. This lets you choose whether you want to part it on the side or just leave it straight forward. This same method can be used to create a spiky look, just apply the gel after its cut.

You may also want to get a style that is rather short on the sides, and long enough on top to comb it straight up. The razor is applied on top to give your hair a length of about two inches.

Razor Fades

A razor fade haircut means that the barber will use a razor instead of clippers to give you a taper down to the scalp. When choosing this hair style, you will decide how high up the taper will start. You can select to start it high, medium, or low.

Razor fades can be used with many different hair styles. You can get one with or without a beard, with spiky hair, a textured top, with a razor side part, with a pompadour, with brushed up hair, curly hair, a comb over, and so much more.

Combination Cuts

For some haircuts, a combination may be used. Clippers can remove hair faster, but finishing with a razor gives it the wilder look you want. A razor may also be used to trim around the ears and back of the neck for the finishing touches you need to give you a really clean and sharp look.

If you have never had a razor cut, you really ought to try one. Get a picture of the look you want, and Manny’s barbers can give it to you. You may even want to try a new look, and see what it does for you.